Welcome to DALIN SHOW KENNELS. Est. 1965

Whether you are looking for a show dog or a well-bred companion, you have come to the right place.  I strive for healthy, beautiful dogs that conform to the breed standard.  My dogs are genetically tested for hereditary defects.

While toys are our main focus, we occasionally have some minis.  For many years, Dalin Show Kennels has been known for blacks, but in recent years I am also concentrating on reds and apricots.  A few whites arrive out of my blacks, giving them extreme color pigment.  My blacks also carry the brown gene so at times I have browns as well as silvers.  However, since you cannot place an order for a specific color or sex in a particular litter, they are not always available.  Likewise, I do not specifically breed for tiny toys or teacups, but they do arrive from time to time.

For many years I proudly had the No. 1 top producing black toy male sire in the USA.  Sadly, Cordaroy has now passed on but he left a wonderful legacy in his offspring throughout the poodle world.  I constantly strive to not only maintain but to improve my lines and my apricot/reds have import breeding from Holland, England, Mexico, and South America, as do my silvers.

I show my own dogs most of the time and have been rather successful in the US and abroad.  Please take a look at my Gallery of Champions.  Although each is different, they are all very special dogs.  Please also take a look at my Gallery of Top Producers.  These dogs have all produced multiple champion offspring.

Some dogs don’t meet the AKC size requirements, so not all of my dogs can be shown.  I want ALL of my dogs to have a wonderful life so I offer adoptions to qualified companion homes.

My babies leave with an adoption agreement, an animal history, complete health records to date and suggested vet recommendations, leaflets on training, AKC registration application, and a coupon towards dog food.

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