My adult life has been dedicated to breeding quality dogs.  I love them with an extreme passion.  I know my dogs and I certainly want to learn about you.  Consequently, I want to meet you and your family so I can be relatively certain that the dog you choose is the dog that fits with your family's lifestyle and chooses you back.

I want each of my puppies to have the best possible start in life.  I believe that that includes remaining with their mother until at least 12 weeks of age.  If they are a small puppy, they may need to remain longer.  I will not let a puppy leave until they are ready... no matter what.  Puppies are crate trained by the time they leave.

From time to time, we may have adult dogs that have been retired.  If you are interested in an adult, please contact me to see what I have.  If you are aged 70 or older and looking for an adult dog, please tell me so.  I will try to work with you to make it a reality.  We call this program "Seniors for Seniors".

Magazine Articles

Quotes from an article in "Poodle Review":

"I truly believe that the style of dog that we try to have and present to show... is distinguishable by true type and balance of the animal."

"Type is the biggest thing.  When it's out of type, it's just not a poodle."

"My life is dogs."

For more information on the history of Dalin Show Kennels and my breeding philosophy, you can read the full article in:

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November/December, 2005
January/February, 2006

Article in "Today's Breeder"

Am. Jap. Ch. Dalin Cordaroy (article in "Poodle Variety")

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